Kris with a K

Thank goodness it’s midnight on a Sunday night and I hope most of my readers are sleeping because my computer just did some sort of kung fu, technical, sci fi, I have a virus crap and published a post that stated “I have”.  For those of you who read it, hopefully you made up a good story for what came after those two words, for those of you who didn’t……whew.

Here’s what I was thinking…….

I have now started to tell more and more people about my writing, including getting cards made….you can order 1000 for twelve bucks or something so why not?  I hate writing on a bar napkin, a piece of scratch paper or the back of a deposit slip.  It’s not professional and it’s hard to remember where it came from…..and let’s not even talk about the bad branding.

This means that a fairly close circle of friends now know that I have a hobby.  Most are not surprised…..some are completely shocked.

I find it hilarious when some of my friends/acquaintances ask “will you be writing about me?” or “will you be writing about this?” (meaning what’s happening right then)  I usually say no but am secretly making notes about the moment, hoping they will fit into a story somewhere.  Oddly enough, there’s more that I don’t write about than I actually do write about because I don’t want to be offensive, my family might be reading it or I just cannot put it in words.

Tonight on my way home from a night away I stopped to see a friend who owns a bar.  She asked me for some more cards because she had given them all out and one of the guys said, “oh, I saw those yesterday and was wondering what they were all about”.  Then he started asking questions, we chatted, I gave him a card and he asked “oh, do I dare read it, have you been writing about me”.  I said no, “I don’t mention names and I’m fairly general with a lot of things I write”.

After some conversation I said “oh I have to write about that” and he asked “so you won’t use my real name?” and I said “no”.  He looked and me and we started laughing and he said “oh yeah, you’ll use Kris with a K”.  Well, that was enough to last the entire night.  It was Kris with a K from then on out.  I pretended to make mental notes, I actually made notes and act like I would really tell stories about him and the chickens running around in his front yard.

Sometimes you just have to make them sweat……


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