Things That Make Me Smile

A few things happened to me this week that really made me smile.  They didn’t outright make me die laughing but they really made me smile and made my day.

I went to Target tonight and when I walked in an older couple was walking out.  The man was parking the cart so I took it from him.  He said to me “she’s got low miles”.  I said thank you and smiled my whole trip to Target.  Even while I was spending $96 on things like toilet paper and laundry detergent.

A coworker and I tend to vent to each other now and then, the end of the week is especially bad because the problem children coworkers have worn on us all week.  Today she said to me “if my 87-year-old grandma can make it through 87 years, I can make it through today”.  I kept that in mind to get me through not only the work day but an unpleasant doctors appointment.

Yesterday I received a text that said “Remember Georgia, I’m the sweaty one today”.  A coworker of mine is at a client function and apparently she was a little warm.  Her and I traveled to Atlanta several years ago and I sweat my rear end off all day long wearing a black suit.  A little later yesterday afternoon I received another text from her that said “Now I’m the sweaty one with a hole in my nylons”.  I smiled for hours because for once it wasn’t happening to me.

Idaho sends me random texts sometimes.  Three that I received from him this week were “maybe I need a fedora”, “maybe you should buy a goat” and “going to a tattoo fest and bike show this afternoon, wish you were here, good people watching”.  His texts usually make me smile but those were especially good.  I still have no idea if he bought a fedora, maybe he will wear it when he comes to visit in a couple weeks.

A 3-year-old who talks like an adult over the weekend.  I could have listened to her all day, she was so cute and funny.  A few things that came out of her mouth were “actually Mom, I think you should go in and get it for me”, “how many pieces are in this puzzle” and “can I see the box with the picture on it so I know what we’re working with here”.  All I could do was smile and listen to her, most of the time her vocabulary was better than mine.

Next week I’m going to make it a priority to write down those things that make me smile so I don’t have to count on my memory to recall the moments.  Perhaps that will also make me concentrate on the good things, not the frustrating things.


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