Lionel Richie Concert

The other night there was a country music concert on TV that featured Lionel Richie and his music.  It was a great concert with wonderful performances.  I was a child in the 70s and 80s so I completely enjoyed it.

The funny part of the show was actually the crowd and a few of the performances.  Almost every crowd shot made me giggle or shake my head.  What’s really funny is that I received a text message from a coworker about 30 minutes into it regarding writing material.  I would like to share some of the texts we exchanged during the show.

Her: There is some prime writing material on CBS right now.  The crowd is highly entertaining.

Me: Oh yes, watching it.  Love the plastic beer glasses they all have.

Her: My hubby likes all the 50+ year old couples, women forcing their men to dance and when not dancing, snapping their fingers.

Me: Careful on the 50s, I’m almost there. 😉  Those two old blond women in the front were once the tramps on Lionel’s bus.

Her: Haha, the crowd is almost more entertaining than the songs. PS – there is no way you are even close to these crazy crowd members.

Me: You should see me at a Brett Michael’s concert!!  I’m in love with Jason Aldean.

Her: As am I!! I love the people in the crowd trying to sing along but are caught saying the wrong words.

Me: I know.  Who’s the drunk old broad with the butch haircut?  Should we know her?

Her: No idea. I laughed out loud at her though.

Me: Me too.  She had the look like……OMG, he just made eye contact with me……

Her: How about the group shot with hands in the air?

Me: Jesus grandma, put your arms down!!

Her: Your granddaughter wants her shirt back!

Me: LOL.  I just peed my pants at those two women.

Her: I was waiting for your input on those two.

Me: Love the hand gestures while they’re singing their hearts out, hands on their hearts like they can actually sing.  Oh good, the Joker…..I mean Kenny Rogers is coming on.

Her: There should be a legal limit on when you are no longer able to dye your hair platinum blonde. Anything over 30, maybe even 25 should be outlawed.  Did you see the lady wearing the sparkliest outfit of the night.  The place will go wild for those two.

Me: Oh yes, the platinum blonde, over tanned look… get old for that real quick. Kenny’s had a bit too much plastic surgery, it’s a wonder he can still sing.  I think he played in Batman.

Her:  I love the overhead clap.  Clap your hands in front over your body like a normal person.

Me:  Is he the walking dead?  Did he have a mortician do his makeup?

Her:  Yes, I believe so.  This is painful.  The close ups are even worse.  I had to turn away, it’s too painful.

Me: Really? You’re too old to do hip movements like that lady.

Her: I have no words for this final performance.  Rich’s pants in his sparkly cowboy boots?!

Me: And Big is pittin’ out really bad on his leather vest.

Her: And his pelvic thrusting is uncalled for.

Me: I was just trying to forget that.

Her: The dangers of staying in on a Friday night.

This is proof of why you should surround yourself with funny people.


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