Hair Cuts

I want to preface this post by saying I love the girl who cuts my hair and I think she works her tail off.  Those people stand on their feet all day and listen to people complain, gossip, brag and yell at their kids who are waiting or them.

With that being said, why are haircuts such a pain in the butt?  I am currently in desperate need of a haircut, so desperate in fact I wore my hair in a pony tail to pool on Thursday.  I use the term pony tail very loosely as you can see.

It looks like 10 pieces of straw in the binder but I just couldn’t help it.  One teammate took the picture to send it to our hairdresser.  The text said “911 we have an emergency”.  I believe the response was “O M G”.

I happened to see my hairdresser last night and she said “I got the picture of your pony tail”.  She said it with that look of “what the hell were you thinking?”  And then said “it’s getting nice and long, it just needs some shaping”.  Shaping?  Shaping?  I could use a #2 attachment on a razor right now and it would make me feel much better.  We laughed about it and decided I need to make an appointment.

It’s a habit for me to completely put off scheduling a hair cut, you would think I was having teeth pulled or something.  Then suddenly I can’t stand it anymore and think that she should be able to get me in at the last minute and I know that cannot happen.  I shouldn’t do that as there have been times I have then walked in to someone else which rarely turns out well.

One of our friends received a haircut from a random last week and ended up with quite the cut.  May have been her first day.  I’ll let you judge.

I’m wondering if one of her legs was severely shorter than the other if she thought that was straight.  The best part of this story is he went back to the same person to have it fixed.  Haha.  That kills me.  I believe everyone deserves a second chance but he didn’t have much hair to spare on a second chance here.  He was a great sport about it and we all had a great laugh.  It was the same night I was wearing my ‘pony tail’ so we had a lot to laugh about.


3 thoughts on “Hair Cuts

  1. This is funny, to me, because I hate to for a haircut, too. I put them off for as long as I can and often end up looking a mess. I’m not sure why, but I think that, maybe subconsciously, I’d rather have shaggy long hair than get a bad haircut. Maybe tomorrow.

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