What Makes You Laugh II

I shared a few things that make me laugh in an earlier post and received good responses so I’ve been gathering more things that are among my favorites.

Story of my life, always a day late and a dollar short.

I received this picture for Valentine’s Day last year from a friend.  Her Mom’s name is Peggy and so is mine.  We are the only two Peggy’s she knows so we are the two that received this email.  I laughed uncontrollably all day long.  Not only because of the name but because of the sweet, old time picture.   This will go down in history as my favorite Valentine’s Day card.


One comment from my last post was about Planes, Trains and Automobiles.  There are so many good scenes in that movie but this is one of my favorites.  It’s posted in two parts. Such a great scene, sure to make me laugh every time I see it…..along with several other parts of the movie.  What a classic.

Happy laughing.


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