Botched Photo Opps II

Since my last episode of not having a camera handy you would think I would keep it close at all times.  That didn’t happen though.  There are more photo opportunities missed, not only by me but by others as well.

One of my coworkers pinged me and was laughing at a missed photo opportunity.  She wasn’t sure I would have posted it anyway but the fact that two geese in the pond at her apartment building were having relations was enough to put her in a tizzy.  Pretty sure no more explanation on my part is necessary.

Smart Car with flames.  Driving down the road I spotted a black Smart Car.  I think those are funny in the first place but this one in particular was really funny.  It had bright orange and yellow flames on it.  I’m sure that car would never go fast enough to create flames of any sort but if that makes the owner feel like they have a sports car, more power to him.

I was at the post office one day and a rust colored PT Cruiser pulled in.  The driver got out wearing pants and a sweater that matched her car exactly.  She was very camouflaged when she was standing next to it.  Needless to say, I couldn’t even get my phone out fast enough for a picture.

Shooting pool the other team had some problems with their pants.  One middle-aged woman was wearing a pink lace thong that stuck out above the back of her pants.  One other player seemed to be missing underwear all together as she showed crack every single time she bent over, not just a little crack either, it was quite long.

A person who frequents the bar has such bad hair it’s almost impossible to even explain.  This week it looked like a small rodent had made it’s home in the hair that’s left on the back of her head.  I believe she intended to have one of those inverted cuts that’s shorter in back and longer in front…..whoever cut it didn’t know it’s supposed to be a gradual thing, they also didn’t know you should use an actual pair of scissors and not a dull butter knife.   This week she also added a couple of bobby pins in the front and one curl on one side of her face.  Not a clue what she was going for there.  I believe she’s also letting her natural color grow back so about three inches down there’s a very definitive line between the two colors.

While in Reno we were waiting for the check-in desk and noticed a very tall, very large man in front of us.  Not only was he wearing a pair of bottoms that could have either been a long pair of shorts or a short pair of pants but when he turned around his slightly short t-shirt said ‘Big Daddy’.  All would have been fine had his shirt not said that.  We did manage to control ourselves until we were outside and out of earshot.

Also while in Reno we were returning to the hotel after an outing and a lady of the night was on her phone outside a cab.  Her outfit was beyond words and she was clearly agitated while asking the cab driver if he took anything besides cash.  Of course he was only taking cash, I think he knew what she meant by ‘any other form of payment’.  She was telling whoever she was talking to that she wasn’t paid in cash so she didn’t have any.  I’m not sure if her night was that slow, she was lying to her pimp or she was paid in chocolate chip cookies.  Very hard to say.

I will continue to watch for more opportunities and hopefully one of these days I will actually start getting some photos.


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