I’m not one of those people who doesn’t like leftovers.  Leftovers are an integral part of my life…..especially since I live alone.  It’s very hard to cook an actual meal for one and only one, so I forever have leftovers in my fridge.

This week leftovers have taken a new turn for me and I hope it doesn’t affect my long term feelings about them.  Last weekend I was at the graduation of my best friend’s son.  They had tacos for the lunch which was a great idea……well…..until Thursday.  I was so excited to not have to cook when I got home on Sunday and I became lazy as the week went on and had tacos pretty much until lunch on Thursday.

Right after lunch on Thursday I sent a text to my friend to let her know that tacos were not going to be on my menu anytime soon.  I was fairly graphic in my text as to what my body was extracting and I also let her know that I’d started to randomly speak Spanish.   She found that funny.  I did as well but only hours later when the cleanse was over.

My other issue with leftovers this week is that I have a container of roast and potatoes in my fridge from……..maybe two weeks ago.  I have become terrified of that container.  I forgot to put it in my garbage on Monday night when the garbage goes to the alley for pick-up on Tuesday morning.

The roast and potatoes….I’m not even sure I can call it that anymore…..is in one of my favorite containers but I cannot bring myself to open the top and see what sort of creature has come to life in there or whether it has teeth or not so I’m going to have to throw the whole thing away.  If I empty the container and attempt to salvage it I’m afraid I will never be able to get the morphed roast and potatoes out of my head so I would never use it anyway.  Bye bye favorite container.

Idaho is coming next week so I have to throw it out before he gets here or he will wonder what kind of a kitchen keeper I am.  My luck that would be the first thing he opened up and he’d run screaming.


One thought on “Leftovers

  1. I too, enjoy leftovers, which we brought home from my folks, there is some still ruminating in the fridge… That’s what that smell is!
    Which brings me to another hoarding issue, my folks have EVERY condiment made, EVER! They can’t keep leftovers because of this. But if you wanted Armenian Tabasco sauce with a side of Turkish olives, you’re good to go.

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