This Week’s Post

This week’s post has gone to the wayside….literally.  I have a story, it’s almost done, then another story happens which inhibits me from finishing the original story.

The second story happened last night and will continue for the next several days.  I will call it “The Great Basement Flood of 2012”. By the time I write that one there will be another one as Idaho arrives tomorrow night.  Yay!  So great that he will be here for the great flood clean-up, I bet he’s pumped about that.  I wonder if he’s tried to return the tickets yet?

I will be back at it next week for a real post but wanted to give you a head’s up.

A hint for what you can expect:

Yes, that’s water.  Yes, it’s brown (you don’t want to know).  Yes, the washing machine is floating.  No, the garbage can never actually fell over.

Have a good weekend!


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