Florida – Remaining Days

Wow is it hard to make (take) time to write when you’re on vacation!

Things went great and there are lots of stories, somehow a lot of the stories I won’t write about here but I think I can give some good ideas as to what’s been going on.  If I’m vague, fill in the details as you wish.

  • Laying by the pool EVERY day.
  • Grocery shopping, gotta love the people you run into there.
  • Sunset celebrations by the pool.  This is where the guy in the orange shorts was first spotted.  Again, people watching at it’s finest.  Imagine 15 adults attempting to hula hoop in bathing suits.
  • Finding a pool hall 10 minutes away from the resort.  Score!!  Then finding out that Stan from NY hangs out there and he’s full of crap.   Story to be blogged later.
  • Finding dive bars and locals, nothing beats this.  They have buckets of beer there too.. what a great concept.
  • Eating at the worst restaurant in the area.  A Dominican place the locals told us about.  Bad news, there was nothing good about it but we did find it awfully funny when Idaho was attempting to speak Spanish to them.  He really only knows bad words in Spanish.
  • Hanging out on Daytona Beach while Tropical Storm Sean is brewing.  Holy waves Batman!
  • Hanging out and laughing with a coworker and his wife who live near Daytona.  What a great evening.
  • Watching 3 back to back episodes of Wipeout in the room and laughing until we cried.  I know, pathetic but hilarious.
  • Being sick from the dive bbq place we found…..not so funny but a great way to get to know each other better.
  • Headaches, a bad back, a cracked foot, bad stomachs, sore shoulder, bruises and bumps.  Not funny but funny.
  • Walking back from the pool, completely sober, going to our room and the key doesn’t work.  After several tries each we realized we were on the wrong floor!!  Thank goodness the third floor keys don’t work on the secnd floor!  No idea what happened here, especially since we took the stairs.

The best thing about the trip was the laughing.  Whether it was just us or we were with other people we met.  That was the key to our trip.  My suggestion:  find something that makes you laugh every day.


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