Florida – Day 1 and 2

Well, we survived the first two days in Florida…..barely.

At 5:00 AM I caught my shuttle bus to the airport.  Having gone to bed at 1:00, this was not a welcome scenario.  I was tired and looking forward to the drive because it would be a great 2 or more hour nap.  WRONG!!  I was the only passenger on the shuttle and the driver was a talker.  I did doze in and out and hopefully he stopped talking when I started snoring; however, it was windy so keeping it between the lines was a struggle for him.  I was being thrown around like the captain of the Titanic.  After a stop at Toby’s in Hinckley the trip was pretty good and napping was alright.

The reunion at the airport was great, so good to see him after 10 weeks.  Our flight was great and we sat next to someone who was funny and friendly so that was pleasant.  Our arrival at the resort was good and without incident.  Our room does exactly what it’s designed to do and we’re basically in heaven.

We made our home at the restaurant for food and football yesterday afternoon and evening.  Idaho is a talker so I couldn’t leave him alone for 5 minutes without him meeting someone new.  We met interesting people from Britain and Washington.  So much so we laughed so hard my ribs still hurt this morning.  We are also both people watchers and completely find the swimwear and outfits people wear hilarious.

You can find the same types everywhere you go.  The couple who has to make sure everyone notices them and their tan perfect bodies with designer swimwear, some plastic surgery and bratty kids.  The bratty kids are always the haha moment for me.  Then you have the older couple who have been in the sun for the past 6 weeks….straight and their skin looks like it’s made of some old shoe leather.  Then you have that group of guys who are on a guys weekend, they’re fun to watch, for a minute or two, and then they’re just annoying.  You will then find the best (or worst, however you want to look at it) swimsuits, the oddest outfits and best mullets.

Then we saw it, the best one of the day, the guy in the orange shorts, not a small guy, not a huge guy but somewhere in between, the best part of him was that his shorts were shoved so far up his rear end I think there was a permanent crease in them.  This was so good it got us through conversation for a couple of hours.  The part of that I love is that he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, him and his orange shorts are having a blast.

I’d tell some more stories but I’m going to keep this clean and sober, you’re welcome to use your imagination as it probably isn’t all that far off.  I do know this, we’ve laughed a lot, had great weather, laughed a lot, had great food and laughed a lot.  What more could you ask for on vacation?


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