I leave for vacation in less than a week!  For me, that means it’s time to panic.  For Idaho, it’s time for him to think I’m crazy.  I’ve had my suitcase out for a couple of weeks and slowly started putting items in it.  He thinks he might start packing on Saturday, which is the day before we leave!!  I believe he may be the one that’s crazy…shhhh…don’t tell him I said that.

Last night I started the anxiety train about ‘forgetting something’ and packed my entire suitcase.  I was almost ready to shut it when it hit me that I didn’t put any swim suits in!  Seriously, there is something wrong with me, packing and zipping it 7 days before I’m ready to leave, without swimsuits.  No wonder I forget stuff.

I used to travel for work and would basically do the same thing, worried I would end up in the middle of New Jersey shopping at a gas station for nylons, black socks or dress shoes. I was meticulous about making sure I had everything, even more so after my coworker packed two different color shoes one trip.  She had to borrow a pair from another coworker, they were a bit big for her and we laughed the entire time she had to wear them.  I wasn’t about to end up in front of a hundred Financial Advisors in tennis shoes or no shoes at all.

I’m sure I will ‘repack’ several times this week and still forget something.  I’m leaving myself little to no room for error this time as I’m taking the shuttle to the airport.  There will be no stopping to shop before the airport for sure.  Speaking of the shuttle, if you’re on I 35 early Sunday morning and see me walking, please pick me up.  I’ve never taken the shuttle before so hopefully it gets me to the airport on time and in one piece.

Here’s to a well packed suitcase, safe travels and a trip full of funny stories I can share.


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