I “Jogged” Today

Holy snapping ankles Batman!

Today I went to the gym at lunch – wrong thing to do.  Note to self: there is not enough time to get there, change, stretch, have a decent workout, shower and get back to work in an hour. 

I decided that I needed to get as much cardio in within my time limit as I could so I decided today I would go on the indoor track and walk a lap, then jog a lap.  Well, we all know how I feel about jogging but today I felt I had to do it.  The amount of calories I would have burned on the elliptical wouldn’t have amounted to a hill of beans. 

I just watched Biggest Loser on Tuesday, I can do this.  If a 372 lb guy can jog at a 9 on the treadmill for 20 seconds I should be able to jog a lap here and there on an indoor track.  I walked the first few laps, attempting to gear up to a ‘jog’.  There were a few older people walking pretty slow and one fairly fast walker.   Here’s how it went:

  • Walked 5 or 6 laps (short track)
  • Jogged a lap (felt pretty good)
  • Walked a lap (get lapped by fast walker)
  • Jogged a lap (don’t catch the fast walker, felt okay)
  • Walked a lap (losing lots of ground on fast walker)
  • Jogged a lap (pass the slow walkers, almost catch the fast walker)
  • Walked a lap (breathing hard now, head starting to pound)
  • Jogged a lap (ankle wants to snap, I keep trucking and pass the fast walker, after he’s lapped me again)
  • Walked a lap (sweating profusely now)
  • Jogged a lap (decide I do not have the correct ‘equipment’ on for this, wonder where I need to shop for a good one)
  • Walked a lap (short breaths, chest hurts, slowed way down)
  • Jogged a lap (holy sweet mother of Mary how do people do this)
  • Walked a lap (it was more like dragged a leg for a lap as I was lapped by one of the slow people with a limp)
  • Sat on the rubber ball for a few minutes watching the fast walker do his thing and not break a sweat.  Look down and my shirt is soaked, I have sweat running in my eyes and my ankles are screaming at me.  But, I am still upright after what amounted to a third of a mile jogging.
  • Head to the locker room, victorious.

One thought on “I “Jogged” Today

  1. It’s commendable that you managed to do your workout within that limited time. And I can understand the part where you’re thinking “losing lots of ground on fast walker.”

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