Naughty Dog

Friends of mine own a naughty dog.  She’s a cute Basset mixed with naughty.  I mean eat a pound of butter off the kitchen counter naughty.  Well, them being avid readers of Following Funny, they were kind enough to send me pictures of her latest escapade.

This is what happens when you forget to close the pantry door on your way to work.  I believe there is now a sign on the back door that says “Close Pantry Door”.

Looks to me like she wasn’t exactly going after her dog food but did finish off a bag of Doritos, some bread, a good portion of the garbage and a soda while she read the paper.  The least she could have done was found the broom in there and cleaned up after herself before she got caught.  She must have been too stuffed from her little binge.

It seems what she really wanted what was in this container but her lack of thumbs prevented her from getting it open.

5 teeth holes and excessive scratches just didn’t get the job done, she must have given up and went for the Doritos.


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