Who knew you could follow funny by reading hotel/resort reviews.  I find the things some people write about hilarious.  Here are some examples I remember when I was looking at reviews in March:

……I have stayed at this resort several times and each time has been below my expectations…..Really??  Ya think? I have an idea…STOP STAYING THERE!  Do you think they magically changed since the last time you were there?  If not, perhaps you should lower your expectations when you go there next time.

the hotel was fabulous but they continually tried to sell us a timeshare, it was terrible, they called us every day…….Wow, I find that shocking and despicable, especially since you’re staying at a place that’s a timeshare and you probably got the room super cheap because you agreed to go to a timeshare presentation.  What did you think they would do, forget to remind you to show up?  That’s how they make money, it’s their job.

…….the toilet paper in our room was very rough and we had to go buy our own……Oh boy, you have nothing else to write about? You took time to actually type that? Seriously, the tp is all you’ve got? Not the food was bad or the service sucked?  Personally, I’m more worried about things like Montezuma’s Revenge, bed bugs, murders, gangs, sharks, not the tp is scratchy and there’s a chance of a breakthrough.  I’ll take my chances if the resort is stellar, tp isn’t going to help with my decision at all. Come on people, give me some information I can use.

As I’m writing I’m wondering if this would be good therapy on days when I’m feeling like everything is wrong.  I could read a couple of bad reviews to resorts and think “it could be worse, I could be that person complaining about something insignificant.”  I’ll try it, what can it hurt, at least I’ll have something to laugh about.


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