No Regrets

I wrote about regrets so I better talk about things I don’t regret.  It’s only fair, right?  This list could be a mile long but I will keep it to some highlights, and perhaps a couple lowlights.

  • Going to Bike Week and sleeping in the rental car for 3 nights.
  • College – all of it.
  • Taking a chance and giving Idaho my phone number at the airport.
  • A marriage…..oh, and a divorce (that was the best part).
  • Childhood in a small town.
  • Skinny dipping in the ocean.
  • Both road trips to Cross Lake.
  • Driving to Florida – twice!
  • Being stranded at the Detroit airport overnight.
  • Any trip to Madden’s, even the one where we met two brothers.
  • Any job I’ve had.
  • Getting my mug shot taken.
  • Going to Tijuana for a wedding.
  • Starting a blog.
  • That one night in Vegas.
  • The road trip to Chicago.

Like I said, the list could be miles long but I will stop while I’m ahead (or behind, however you look at it).

Live life with no regrets.  That’s my two cents for today.



I read a post the other day that got me thinking.  Yes, that means my head hurts and there’s smoke coming out of my ears.

I really wondered if I have regrets because I’ve tried to live life without them.  I did decide there are a few and I will share, or partially share.

  • Ruining a friendship where I had more fun in a few years than one could hope for in a lifetime.  This may be one of my only ‘real’ regrets.
  • Not taking the chance and going ‘downtown’ Tijuana to party with the locals when I was there for a wedding.  Yes, I said a wedding.
  • Not hitchhiking before it was dangerous.
  • That night with….oh wait…ummm…a couple of…..hmmmm…well, perhaps I’ll leave it at that.
  • Not going to concerts at Paisley Park after bar when I had the chance.  I never did see Prince in concert.
  • Eating that potato salad even after it bugged my tummy the first time.  Uff da.
  • Not going ‘parking’ enough as an adult.  Good make out sessions are definitely a thing of the past.
  • Not taking voice lessons, although I’m the world’s greatest singer in the car, everywhere else I can’t carry a tune in a bucket.
  • Not laughing more.  And I laugh a lot, sometimes even when I shouldn’t.

It is my belief that you can’t live life with regrets, the choices we make form who we become.  There really is only one true regret in my list but if that wouldn’t have happened I wouldn’t be where I am today so all turned out well.

Here’s to no regrets and lots of laughs!