The Gym Revisited

I finally made it back to the gym!  It was brutal.  The weights laughed at me when I walked by, the elliptical cried when I got on and the scale threw up when I stepped on it.
I have no idea why I think I can take a month off, jump on the elliptical, go great guns and do it for the same length of time and speed I was doing it when I quit.  Shit just doesn’t work that way.

By the time 20 minutes ticked off the clock it seemed like an hour and I was sweating like a whore workin’ two beds.  My legs hurt, my butt hurt and my shoulder hurt.  “Your shoulder?” you may ask, yes, even my shoulder got in on the action, it was time to get off before someone had to call 911.  I was not wearing a proper outfit to be greeted by potentially hot EMTs. 

I will ice my body, take pain pills, brave the elements and return tomorrow for more punishment.  I will survive……hopefully.

I will let you know how it goes.


3 thoughts on “The Gym Revisited

  1. I’m stealing this line: “I was sweating like a whore workin’ two beds.” Reminds me of Raymond Chandler’s line: “He caved in like a whore’s mattress.” You got to love whores. No, wait, I meant you got to love great lines about whores. Yeah, that’s it!

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