At The Gym II

Uff da.  Today was day 5 at the gym and I’ve witnessed more than I thought I ever would in a mere 5 days.  Some of these things are funny, some are disturbing and some are cute.  As days go on I’m sure there will be more but here are some quick observations.

There is a group of men that hang out on the bench outside of the locker room each morning.  I arrive about 6:10 AM and it seems they’re already into some very intense conversations.  The gym opens at 5:30 AM so I’m not sure if they’ve worked out already, are waiting for the machines (which is a no), are watching the women or they’re just there for coffee.  I wonder how long my insurance company would reimburse me each month if I just started to check in to have a coffee clutch with the old guys.  It’s interesting, the women don’t do that.

What the women do do, is walk around and weigh themselves naked.  I know I mentioned this already but the more I’m there the more I realize that I see more naked women in the mornings than I have ever cared to.  I don’t even like looking at myself naked let alone anyone else.  If they’re not naked, there are parts of some sort hanging out.   I’ve come to the conclusion, naked isn’t all that good looking, sexy, handsome, whatever you want to say.  I was talking to the man about this and he put it a good way, he said, “no one really looks that great naked, but when you’re with the one you care about, naked becomes about something different, you are looking at that person in a different way, not just as an object”.  That was a great answer, a nice way to say, “honey you look really bad naked”, but a great answer nonetheless.  No matter what age we are, parts aren’t always where they’re supposed to be, naked isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I’ve realized some people are disgusting.  This morning I watched a woman move from machine to machine in her well-planned work-out.  I saw her on a total of 6 machines, great, awesome, good job……however, she didn’t wipe any of the machines off!!! She was sweating worse than me on the elliptical (and that’s a lot) so she was dripping everywhere.  Honestly sister, have some consideration for the poor soul going on it after you.  My saga with her does not end there sadly enough, when she came into the locker room, she put her clothes (sports bra and shorts) into the bathing suit dryer! Really?  Your sweaty, stinky, probably non-washed clothes in the same place I dry my swimsuit? Honestly, gross.

Now to end my ramblings on a better note, for the last two mornings an elderly couple (and I mean elderly) has been there.  She rides a bicycle in sweats, a shirt, a zip up sweatshirt and a jacket and he is standing next to her coaching and encouraging her.  Now mind you, she’s not breaking any land speed records but she’s moving and he’s being supportive.  So very sweet.


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