College Football

College football is sometimes said to be a religion…..well, I think I now have proof that it is.

My Idaho guy is an Oklahoma Sooners fan.  The day I met him on the plane, he was dressed in a Sooners jersey, a Sooners long-sleeved shirt and a Sooners hat.  If Wranglers made a pair of Sooners jeans he would have been wearing those I’m sure.  I didn’t get a chance to check out the belt buckle, it could have been Sooners for all I know. 

On a recent phone call, I told him that I was following the Sooners on Twitter so perhaps I could have an intelligent conversation with him in the coming weeks.  Well, that’s all it took for him to get on a soap box and talk and talk and talk.  I started to wonder if I needed Twitter to keep up on anything, all I needed to do was ask him.

 As I got the giggles while he was talking he stopped and said, “you know, today I ran into a guy who said, “man, those Sooners should have a great season” and that’s all it took for me to unleash about college football.  Well, 30 minutes later, I knew I should stop talking but just couldn’t get myself to do it.  I finally said to the guy, I feel like one of those preachers in the south who just can’t shut up, I’m sorry.”  He said the guy was already in some sort of a trance and just stared at him.

Then he said to me “I think I have a problem honey.  Why do I do that?”  The fact that I was already laughing hysterically did not help the situation at all.  I was picturing him on a stage preaching to a sea of crimson and white about college football and I had to tell him that.  I couldn’t give him any sound advice and honestly could barely speak at all.  Needless to say the conversation took quite the turn and both of us laughed and made up stories for the next hour.

It’s surprising how quick the mind works and usually goes off on a tangent you don’t want it to.  The scenario of him acting like a southern preacher played out very vividly in my mind and completely overtook my thoughts.  I do believe college football is a religion to some.  As a side note:  I DO NOT call him on Saturdays.



What do you think it means when you get a fortune that has a typo in it or something was lost in translation?  Does that mean you will have really bad luck for life or something?  I’m a little worried about that because my last fortune said:

“May the warm winds of heaven blow softly upon your sprint.”

Now, we are all very aware that I do not sprint, even if the warm winds of heaven are pushing me at hurricane speeds.   Pretty sure God can’t even get this rear end to sprint.  I also haven’t dared throw it away yet for fear that’s more bad luck.  I can only hope that sprint was supposed to say spirit.

My quest now is to find a Chinese philosopher who could help me out with this.  If I find one I will share the news of what a fortune like this means.  Until then, here’s hoping the winds are strong if I need to sprint somewhere.