Nervous Nelly

I’m not a nervous person…..well….maybe I should say I’ve never been a nervous person in the past.  It seems that times are changing though.  This last week has proven to me that certain situations cause me to be a basket case.  And I don’t like it, not one bit.

Give me a microphone and a room full of people and I’m fine,  put me in a room with just about anyone for a job interview and I’m fine or put me behind a bar with people three deep waiting for drinks and I’m fine (I’m sweating but fine).

Ask me to write a book and put it for sale on all the major bookseller websites and I’m completely beside myself.  I have no idea what has come over me but it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

It’s been just over a week since I approved the book to be distributed and exactly one week since it hit Amazon and iBookstore.  I felt the first twitches of something when I hit the ‘approve’ button.  I thought that may have just been something I ate but it continually got worse over the next two days.  Then Friday afternoon hit and I received a text message from a friend that said she found it on the iBookstore.  I crumbled.  I happened to be helping out at the bar and I really thought I was going to faint.

There I was, helping customers and not knowing whether I needed to pull up the sink and throw up or run to the bathroom.  It’s been a roller coaster ever since.  There have been headaches, chest pains, stomach issues and plain old loss of thought process.  I would imagine some of this I could blame on age but I know it’s nerves and anxiety.  A strange new world for me.

I was nervous once when I had to be on camera for a webinar and my stomach was doing flips and somersaults.  I figured it was because I couldn’t see my audience but they could see me, plus the camera adds ten to fifteen pounds and who needs an extra ten pounds?  NOT ME!

I still haven’t quite figured out why this would make me so nervous but for now I’m going with the excuse that it’s the fear of failure……I’m pretty sure that’s not it though.  Oh, I may fail alright but that comes with so many things we do in life.  Perhaps I should write to Dr. Phil to see if he can fix me…………better not do that, who knows what that guy will find going on with me, I’m pretty content with my own version of crazy.

I’m optimistic this nerves thing will take care of itself soon because I can’t take it. I’m also pretty sure those close to me aren’t going to be able to take it much longer either.  My close friends have to be tired of text messages and phone calls about this.  I can almost see them rolling their eyes and thinking “she has to get over this already”.  Idaho told me last week he thought it was cute that I was nervous.  I bet he doesn’t think that any longer.

I’m taking the weekend to step away and spend some time with family and friends.  Maybe I’ll get a grip.


The Book is Done

In through the nose, out through the mouth.  Deep breath.  Throw up or crap pants.

That has been my routine for what seems to be weeks.  This writing and publishing a book thing has been interesting to say the least.  I would think this is how it is on the first time for everyone or maybe it just is me.  If it’s like this every time people would never write a second book.  It’s also been a test of patience, which I didn’t have much of to begin with and I’m pretty sure I’ve left it all on the table.  It has been a hurry up and wait process to say the least.

For those of you who have been following my stories from the beginning, you will recognize a lot of them.  I have tweaked previous stories from my blog, used the most popular stories from my blog as they were and added stories that you will only find in the book.  Most of the stories I pulled from the blog are not actually available here anymore.  I’ve also started gathering stories for a possible second book…….I’m ahead of myself now, let’s get the first one up and running.

The book is priced reasonably at $3.99 which hopefully won’t be too expensive for people to ‘try it out’.  I did set up an email address in case I get a lot of hate mail.  I’d hate to field those in the same email account I get correspondence about jobs or from my family and friends.  If all goes well maybe I’ll get ‘not hate mail’, you never know.

Out of the 11 eBook sellers, Amazon Kindle will have it for sale the quickest.  That means in just a few days Following Funny will be swimming among the thousands of other eBooks out there.  I’m a good swimmer but we’ll see how the book does.

For those who follow me and read my ramblings, thank you, thank you and thank you.  It’s because of you I decided to stick my neck out there and finally do this.  For those of you who are planning on purchasing the book I appreciate it more than you could know.  If you do purchase it please put a review in with whichever seller you purchase it from.  I’m one of those people who looks at the reviews before buying a book and I know others do as well.

The unfortunate part of all this is I won’t know exactly how well, or not well, it’s doing for probably a month or two due to the way the sellers report sales.  Again the patience is being tested and I’m failing miserably.  Thus I will continue to repeat my previous process.

In through the nose, out through the mouth.  Deep breath.  Throw up or crap pants.