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New Book brings Humorous Fresh Take on Everyday Life

June 10, 2013 – ‘Funny’ is everywhere and this book proves it. Whether it’s a trip to the mall, mundane household tasks, a vacation, or a seemingly normal workday, there is ‘funny’ happening all around and Peggy Welter doesn’t let ‘funny’ go by unnoticed. A majority of the time she laughs at herself and the situations she finds herself in.

Peggy shares stories about aging, being single and working, among countless other things. She laughs at being a mild insomniac, a bartender and performing everyday chores. Follow her through life and see if you can relate any of her stories to your own. Peggy’s personal motto is, “Life without humor is just life, life with humor is living.”

Following Funny consists of 12 chapters and approximately 120 sketch stories. You can read the book in its written order or you can pick out stories because you like the title or you’ve bookmarked it to be one of your favorites. Each story is a quick read that will bring a smile to your face.

Following Funny is currently available as an eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore and Sony. At $3.99 it’s well worth the read.

Although Peggy has been frantically making notes and jotting down stories most of her life, this is her book debut. She grew up in small town Minnesota and currently resides in Superior, Wisconsin. Her passions are writing, traveling, shooting pool and reading. Known for ‘always having a story’ Peggy loves sharing stories and antidotes and finally decided to put them in print.

Website: http://followingfunny.com
email: followingfunny.com@gmail.com
Facebook: Following Funny
Twitter: @followingfunny

If you are interested in a .pdf copy of the actual press release please email me.


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