About The Writer


I’m a 40somethingish (okay, okay, 44) woman who is a lover of all things funny.  I’ve spent a good portion of my life laughing and/or telling funny stories.  I’ve been told I’m a good story-teller and I tend to find and follow funny quite often, even in not-so-funny places.  In fact, I think it’s more funny when it’s not supposed to be.  I believe funny is everywhere, we just have to see it.  It’s really easy to find, especially if you can laugh at yourself.

I live in northern Wisconsin.  I love to travel, read, shoot pool and hang out with people who make me laugh.  My eyes are always peeled, my ears always open and my pen always ready to make note of funny things (my memory isn’t so great anymore, thus the notes).

My goal is to share stories, thoughts and ideas with you on what I find funny, or maybe not so funny.  I realize not everyone will find the same things funny I do and you might not even find me funny, that’s okay.   I do hope this will give you some ideas as to how you can find and follow funny in your life.

Feel free to click follow or like and/or comment on my posts, I want to hear how it triggers a memory of something funny that’s happened in your life, especially if you’ve forgotten about it for a while.

I challenge you to go and follow funny.  Find something every day that makes you smile, giggle, laugh or roll in hysterics.  Share it with others.


3 thoughts on “About The Writer

  1. Dad must have loved the KFC! We always have that when he’s here! I want to know who was half the size they were last time and who was twice the size!! Was there any gastric bypass involved? Does thinner really make you look older? I love to hug but most mid-westerners don’t, so a handshake can never be wrong.

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