About Following Funny

I’ve always said I wanted to write a book.  I thought blogging would be a good place to start so I created Following Funny.  It was a great place to start and I finally did write and publish a book.  I still blog as often as I can, hopefully soon that becomes more often.

I have an outlook on life that includes finding humor on a daily basis, even when it doesn’t always seem appropriate. I try to bring a fresh perspective to family, friends, work and life in general with stories, anecdotes and tidbits.  Traveling is a passion which brings me in contact with all walks of life and all types of funny.

Following Funny is exactly that.  It’s about me following what I find funny and sharing it with others.  I hope you enjoy.

The mission of Following Funny is to introduce humor and different ways to look for, find and follow funny.  Life without humor is just life.  Life with humor is living.

Email: followingfunny.com@gmail.com
Facebook: Following Funny
Twitter: @followingfunny


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