Driving Issues

Why are simple traffic rules so tough for some people?  Every day it seems I run into an issue with other drivers on the road.  It’s a scary thought to be out and about with other drivers.  Now, I’m not saying I’m the best driver but I do know the simple rules of the road.    Just in the last few days I’ve witnessed some very frustrating things.

Four-way stops:  At least once a day, I drive up to a four-way stop and another car is completely confused about what exactly should be happening.  Sometimes I stop at the same time as someone on my right.  They have no clue that they have the right-a-way.  It’s such an awkward moment, staring at them and then attempting to wave them through.  They do nothing for several seconds so I decide to go and then they finally decide to go as well.  We then have the herky-jerky stop and go dumbassery happening.  Finally I stop and wave them on with an angry hand gesture, no, not the one finger gesture, the ‘I’m going to slap you if I ever see you again’ wave while I’m shaking my head.

There are also the people who never went to geometry class because the shape of a stop sign looks like the shape of a yield sign to them.  These people either give a poor attempt at a stop or they slow a bit and then speed up through the intersection no matter how many people stopped before them.  I hate to be stereotypical here but most of the non-stoppers are men, leave it to them to think they own the road.

I laughed hysterically yesterday when there were four of us sitting at the intersection at the same time.  I was the last one to stop but the other three cars seemed to be in a deadlock, all staring at each other in a panic.  I couldn’t bother to wait, I went while they were all still figuring out who was on the right.  The last time I looked in my mirror they were still sitting there.

Using mirrors:  Twice in the last week I’ve had to use my horn excessively because someone was backing up and not using their mirrors.  They were headed right for me.  It took quite some time for them to hear the horn but they both missed me by mere inches.  I think I agree with something I read a few weeks ago which was “I’m going to get a car horn  that sounds like gunshots”.  I bet people would pay attention to my horn much sooner.

Merging traffic:  No one pays attention to the fact they have a yield sign when they’re merging.  I can’t tell you how many times I end up waiting for people who actually have the merge sign.  The worst part, they have no clue, and I mean no clue, that they were in the wrong, in fact, sometimes I even get the fist shake, the yell or the finger from people because they have no idea what is actually supposed to happen.

All I’m asking for here is for people to pay attention…..and perhaps take a refresher course on what should be happening at a four-way stop, read close, it can be confusing apparently.


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