The Book

Wow.  I’m fairly certain I have never in my life had a month go by so fast.  I returned from a quick trip to Reno about a month ago hell-bent on finishing my book within this millennium.  Actually, I had a goal of March 31st.  I sort of hit my goal.  I know that sounds like I’m cheating a bit but I really did sort of hit it.

I was actually done writing it by March 31st.  I wish that’s all it took is just the writing of it.  Unfortunately I’m not one of those people who have editors, designers and publishers at my beck and call.  What I do have, thank goodness, is awesome friends and family.  One of the things I decided while I was away for a few days was that I had to stop thinking I could do everything myself and ask for help.  I know, I know, elementary, but for those of us who are independent, stubborn and pig-headed this is a huge breakthrough.

I sweet talked my graphic designer into doing a cover and a few graphics for me.  I call him ‘my designer’ but he’s really my ‘oh man, Peg needs something in a pinch and probably for free’ guy.  I do take him to lunch once in a while though, don’t judge.  Today I spent a couple of hours with him to finalize the graphics, we finished, until I got home of course and had one change.  He probably wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have at least one change.  I’m glad I won’t be there in the morning when he opens the email from me.

I recruited my sister and a couple of friends to be my editors.  I was initially thinking I could edit the beast by myself but after the second time reading it I was ready to hang it all up because I stopped finding anything I wrote funny and I was making too many changes.  I got sick of me awfully fast.  These three did an awesome job and gave me great feedback not only on spelling and grammar issues but on the flow of the whole thing.

I’ve now recruited people who will buy the book when it’s finally on the market and do a review for it.  I hope I don’t have to reimburse their $3.99 just to get them to say something positive, that would be embarrassing.  I’ve also recruited some old friends to help with press releases, emails and some advertising pieces.  It sure helps to keep connected with people, you never know when they might come in handy to you or you to them.

It’s 2:00 AM on Tuesday morning, I’m staying with my best friend as she just had neck surgery, I can’t sleep (shocking, I know) and the book is one graphic change away from being ready to be converted into an e-book.  That is unless my sister comes back tomorrow with something she finds in the most recent copy I emailed to her.  I have a new-found respect for authors, editors, publishers, designers and good friends of mine.  I loved every minute of it but holy crap is it a lot of work.  I’m nervous, excited and scared to death.

I’m laying it on the line and I’ll see what happens.  That makes me throw up a bit, I better try to stop thinking about it.


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