10 Ways to Make Your Workday Go Faster

Based on things I witness or have witnessed at work, I thought I’d do a top 10 Letterman style.

10. Keep your Facebook page open at all times so you can check it constantly.  You never know what you might be missing during the day from your friends who don’t work or are trying to stay busy at their job.

9. Browse Craig’s List, then send your findings to your coworkers.  They need something to keep them busy too.

8. Buy and sell on eBay, be sure to check your auctions often, it will not only keep you busy, it might drive you nuts watching the bids.  Even though eBay is open 24/7 that doesn’t mean you’ll find any good deals after work. 

7. Text.  Again, you must have friends who don’t have jobs so please be sure to keep them company during the day.

6. Visit with everyone you can, who knows, you may be making their day go faster too.  Linger after meetings, stop by desks to see what’s happening, talk about lunch plans, find whatever you can to chat about.

5. Find a complaint-buddy.  You know, that person you can spend plenty of time during the day complaining to about how busy you are and how no one understands your world or can do your job.  Again, perhaps both your days will go by faster.  Don’t do this on breaks, that would be a waste of good away from work time.

4. Make phone calls, not quick ones, long ones, chat ’em up, take your time.

3. Take long late lunches.  This is a fabulous way to make the day really short when you get back from lunch.

2. Play e-mail games with your friends.  A long time ago a friend and I used to send each other a list of 10 words and we’d have to write a story that included those words.  Creative and time-consuming!!

1. DO YOUR WORK!!  I know this sounds crazy but it actually makes the day fly by.