Sleepless in Wisconsin IV

Oy ve.  This no sleeping thing is for the birds.  2 nights in a row it’s been bad, bad, bad.

Here are my ramblings from those 2 nights.

Sunday morning 3:37 AM.  What in the sam hell am I doing awake at this time of the morning again??  Going to the gym has helped me tremendously with my sleeping, at least I’m giving the credit to the gym, I actually have no idea why I’ve been sleeping better.

Here I am once again, on the couch, surfing through channels hoping to come across something that will lull me to sleep.  I’m also looking for something that won’t embed itself into my unconscious if I do happen to fall asleep.  I’m down into the ‘normal’ channels and I see nothing but infomercials and sports shows.  Not good sports either, a Big Ten football game from 1991, a classic baseball game or some ultimate fighting rerun.  Hey, guess what, we know who wins!!

The infomercials actually do lull me to sleep but then I wake up certain I have an acne problem, wanting to get rich quick on real estate or feeling like I need to order work out DVDs.  It’s the same with overnight news programs.  I think I know the news but get it mixed up because it’s buried deep so I wake up thinking there was guerrilla warfare in Canada, a plane crash in Kansas and a factory fire in Russia.  When in all actuality there were gunshots reported in Minneapolis, a train derailment in Seattle and wildfires in California.

Perhaps if I’d stop writing at this time of the morning I could sleep!!  Now there’s a thought.  Back to my attempt to sleep.

It’s 6:30 AM and last night I couldn’t even get to sleep, forget the couple of hours of sleep BEFORE being up for the night.  Well, last night I decided that I wasn’t going to look at the time, get out of bed or play Minesweeper or solitaire.  Unfortunately what was left was to let my brain run wild.  Not sure why I would do that…..well, actually I do know why, you just read how middle of the night TV works for me so I’m boycotting that.  My back is also boycotting the couch, no matter how comfortable it is, it’s still not a bed.

My mind was mostly on my vacation that’s coming up so in my mind I:

  • Packed my bag, mad I haven’t been buying new clothes, then went off on a tangent of how I spend my money.
  • Got my outfit situated for the plan ride.
  • Worried about our room – I have to call the resort today.
  • Made plans for a day in Daytona.
  • Paid my credit card bill.
  • Made a work to-do list for before I leave.
  • Counted the number of times I can go to the gym and if I starve myself for 2 weeks how much weight I can lose.
  • Wondered if we’ll be ‘that couple’ at the airport when we see each other for the first time in almost 10 weeks – no, not ‘that couple’ looking for a broom closet – get your mind out of the gutter.
  • Made a home to-do list before I leave, like turning down the heat, having someone check on the place and doing laundry so I don’t come home to a mess.
  • Got off on a tangent about housework, work presentations, New Year’s (possibly traveling to North Carolina) and people from high school (don’t ask, I have no idea).
  • Thought of people who I could ‘borrow’ pain killers from to help me sleep.  I have to be careful what kind though, some make me itch and I don’t mean a little itch.  Itching from pain killers will be a story for later.

How is it you go through these things step by step in your head and they work out so perfectly?  Then, when it comes time to actually do them, they don’t seem to go as planned?  I will get to Florida and have forgotten to pack a pair of actual pants and it will rain every day  or I will forget my ID or credit card for renting the car.  Perhaps if I’d stop obsessing about it I would sleep!!!