Falling Funny

It seems funny fell into my yard the other day.  Here she is:

Now, I have no kids, the immediate neighbors on each side of me have no kids and the people directly across the alley have no kids.  It certainly wasn’t there the day before, she was very noticeable when we walked out so we would have noticed her.  She’s a little thing, about 4 inches high or so.

I wonder how she got there, especially head down.  And not just head down but feet straight in the air head down.  Did she jump off my roof to try to commit toy suicide?  She looks like she’s been put through the ringer so perhaps a child finally got sick of her and tossed her, but from where?  Did she fall from the sky?  Perhaps she was flushed in an airplane miles above me.

We found this whole thing incredibly funny and the possibilities of how she got there became ridiculous.   Not sure if it really was that funny or if it was the company we were keeping and the made up stories that took place.  She looks a bit rough but she’s okay.