Products That Don’t Work

I just went down to put laundry in the dryer and immediately thought about this post when I opened the dryer door and spotted the dryer bar.  Have you ever purchased a product that promised to make your life easier but it didn’t?  Me too!! In fact, more times than I care to admit.

This dry bar is the current object of my non-affection.  This product states you can stick it on the inside of your dryer and you won’t have to use dryer sheets for three months.  Well, two loads of laundry in and I’m pulling out my bullshit card.  The first two loads came out of the dryer so full of static I almost started a fire.  Then what do you do? Carry around static guard and spray yourself all day?  I don’t think so Clark, that’s not an attractive smell.  I now have to put dryer sheets in with each load as well so it’s actually costing me more instead of saving me anything.

The worst part of this product is it came in a 3-pack.  Maybe I was supposed to stick all three of these bars in the dryer at one time, I still have my doubts whether they would work.  What in the sam-hell am I going to do with two more of these worthless things?  Perhaps I could put them out and the critter will eat them and electrocute itself.   Ohhh, that’s not a bad idea, although I haven’t heard hide nor hair from the critter since it ate my paper towels.  Perhaps I’ll put them out anyway, at least the basement might smell good.  Definitely not buying those again.