The First Time

Stop.  Not THAT first time, I just threw up in my mouth thinking about having to share that story so that won’t be happening.  Ewww.

I leave for Reno in less than three days and I will be going without a computer.  I know, therapy is scheduled and TSA has been alerted.  Even prior to the days I had my own laptop I traveled with a work laptop.  I think there’s only been a time or two I braved airport security and didn’t have to grab an extra bin for my computer in the last ten years.

There are three reasons for me embarking on this new territory:

One, our plan is to be on the bike for a good portion of the trip.  This is new for us and I’m super excited to see what sort of adventures it brings.  I’m at odds about exactly what attire to pack, should I go with ‘full fledged biker chick’ or ‘first time biker chick’?  I’m going to shoot for somewhere in between, I don’t have chaps, I won’t be wearing a bikini top with jeans (ever) and I can’t wear my hair in a long braid with my bandana yet.  I know, I know, I’m stereotyping but that’s where I will probably be eventually so I figure I can go there.

Two, a month or so ago my computer started making a sound similar to a loud snowmobile.  In order to work on it while watching TV I had to turn up the volume to 47 so I could hear it over the newly added noise.  My new roommate has a very nice laptop and was kind enough to say “why don’t you use my computer, that one sounds like it’s going to burst into flames”.  I have been very thankful for the offer.

I’ve had my computer since about the turn of the century and as you can understand I have LOTS of stuff saved on it so not to use it is a bit odd.  I was working on it last week and it just quit on me, I mean the screen went black and it shut off completely.  I hate to admit it but I haven’t had enough guts to attempt to even turn it on since then so I will not be taking it on another trip.  Maybe when I get home I will talk nice to it, pray to the computer gods and push the power button.

Three, I DON’T HAVE TO!  It hit me that this is the first time I will be traveling where I don’t have to check work emails, be available by cell phone for work or wonder what’s happening with my clients while I’m gone from work.  Holy crap, I don’t have a job!!  I mean, it’s been very obvious I don’t have a job, but wow is life changing.

Although a portion of my Thanksgiving trip to Idaho was without a job, I still had my computer and still had to tie up loose ends while I was gone.  All in all, I can’t wait!!!  I can’t wait to see what going away is like without having to bring a computer, check work emails, check-in to make sure everything is okay or take client calls.  I’m excited and nervous for my first time.

As I was packing today a weird feeling came over me when I realized I could take an actual carry on with me that wasn’t my computer bag.  What do I put in it?  How big of a bag should I take? Should I only take a carry on and no actual luggage?  Which bag do I use?  About that time, I started getting sweaty palms and panicking so I put down all the bags and walked away.  I guess this is all a work in progress.

I’m sure I’ll have stories about my first time when I return and I will be more than ready to share them with you.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that I don’t freeze up at airport security because I don’t know how to go through without a computer and not make it on my trip.