Facebook Makes Me Crabby

“Facebook Makes Me Crabby” – was a post from one of my friends awhile ago.

I wholeheartedly agree.  This was my response to her post “I know what you mean Lisa. I think I’m going to write a story with that title because I’ve been thinking the same thing. As of this point I just attempt to keep going and using it for what I believe (which may not even be true) it was intended for. A place to share ideas, keep people informed on issues and events (common sense needs to be at work with this one), spread humor and positive thoughts and keep in contact with long lost friends. Now I’m on a roll…..I better get writing.”

So here it is….here is why Facebook makes me crabby.

  1. People are dumb.  We have given the same social media platform to all people no matter what their race, religion, gender, political beliefs or education level is.  That’s all well and good but for those people who have no filter, no common sense or no sense of decency, it is a breeding ground for stupid.
  2. It has given the passive aggressive people a whole new outlook on life and a medium that breeds passive aggressive.
  3. It makes people dumber.  Let’s share this post from someone who says they won the lottery and are going to share their winnings.  Really?? Come on people, if you look at their Facebook page you will see they are an aspiring actor, athlete or just plain someone who wants attention and followers.
  4. It has made us believe anything.  Someone posted it on Facebook, it has to be true, right? No, no, that’s not right!!
  5. It doesn’t have a grammar or spelling filter which would allow all posts to at least make some sense.  Half the time you can’t even understand what the person was attempting to say in the first place.  Abbreviations, emoticons and needless to say, bad grammar are rampant, like a bad case of poison ivy.
  6. There should be a delay in publishing.  If you still want to say that stupid, idiotic, asinine thing in 2 hours, go right ahead but you’re fair game.
  7. I think Facebook should have a rule for every negative thing someone posts, they have to post two positive things.  If you break the negativity rule too many times you’re shut down.
  8. I want to see New Stories,  not Top Stories!!!!  I don’t want to see that post again, I saw it 3 days ago!!!
  9. Politics.  By all means, express your views, make a good (the key word here is good) argument, post truths (again, for any of you who are slow, truths) but be respectful.  We all have different views  and we all walk in different shoes.
  10. I realize as I type this list it’s people that make me crabby, not Facebook for the most part.

To be fair I better tell you why it doesn’t make me crabby.

  1. Humor, humor, humor.
  2. I get to keep in touch with people I never would have kept in touch with otherwise.
  3. I get to laugh at all the idiots out there.
  4. It makes me feel like an English major and a spelling wiz when I see other people’s posts.  Almost like going to Wal-Mart, it’s an ego boost for sure.

Sadly enough, the people who are reading this probably aren’t the Facebook idiots I outlined above.   Those people are too busy being passive aggressive, bullying or posting selfies for the 15th time this week but I will give a little advice anyway.

Be kind, be funny, if you won’t say it to someone’s face, then don’t post it on Facebook, we’re all human, we all make mistakes and we’re all beautiful in our own way.