Daily Prompt – Sunshine

I decided to do the Daily Prompt from WordPress today.  The challenge was to think of a word, do a Google image search on it and then write about the 11th image that came up.  Needless to say by the time I finished reading the challenge I had thought of several words and I was biased.

What to do?  Well, I enlisted the help of Idaho to give me a word.  Knowing full well it could be a disaster, I sent him a text to ask for the first word that came to his mind…..fail, didn’t dare use that one………I asked for a second one, his word was ‘sunshine’.  I’m not sure if he’s been drinking at work today because that was a bit of an odd choice but I wasn’t about to ask for a third one so I’m going with sunshine.  My photo came from the website http://www.parisdjs.com/index.php/post/Paris-DJs-Soundsystem-Morning-Sunshine and here it is:

It’s funny that sunshine would be the word he picked today I feel as I am the farthest thing from sunshine.  I have my moments of niceness but I’m a bit stressed out with coworkers today so the door to my office has been closed.  I don’t want my non-sunshiney mood to creep out into the lives of others.  I’ve been trying to be conscious of that more and more lately.  Just because I’m having a frustrating day doesn’t mean everyone else is.  More than once today I pictured me clobbering someone over the head with a frying pan or gouging their eyes out with a spoon.  No, I did not act on it, I exercised self-control I think is how they put it.

Just for the fun of it I Googled ‘frustration’ and the 11th image is from http://booksyourkidswilllove.blogspot.com/2011_02_01_archive.html.

Now that’s more like it!  That’s about what I looked like for a majority of the morning, or felt like it at least, he’s pretty cute though and I wasn’t cute.  Then I took my lunch to write this story and being able to be mouthy and sarcastic by writing has helped my attitude immensely.  Now I almost am sunshiney.  Look out world, a frustrated, sunshiney girl is on the loose, I can’t wait to see what the day ends up like.  I bartend tonight, this ought to be good.


Same Name

Ever wonder who else has your name out there?  I bet some of you even know a person with your same name.  I’m curious now and then so I Googled myself today.  I know, I know, if we would have said that 20 years ago our parents would have scolded us.

I was pleasantly surprised that the first three entries were my LinkedIn page, Following Funny’s Twitter and Pinterest.  Then it’s no longer me but  my name is on a page with Chuck, in Mount Prospect, Illinois, I’m also on MyLife in Madrid, oh how exciting, someone with my name is in Madrid!  At closer inspection, it’s Madrid, IA, not quite as exciting.

On the first page there is also all the “find the address, phone number and criminal record” results that come with all name searches.  I’m okay not searching for my criminal record, I know all too well what it is…..I mean, I’m sure I don’t have a criminal record.

As I go through the pages of results I find out I am in Pleasantville, PA and London, Ontario, I was slightly excited here again with the whole London thing but no such luck, it’s Canada, eh.  I found that my Twitter account has a value of $31.74 which I have no idea what that means but I’ll take a check for that and I’ve recently been on an Alzheimer’s walk, wonder how much money I raised?

A majority of the first 5 pages are not me which is a bit of a relief since most of it’s crap anyway.  Following Funny’s Facebook page didn’t come up so I might want to do something about that.

To take my curiosity further I clicked on the “images” search in Google and found some gems.  Of course, I picked out the ones I thought were the funniest to share with you.

I do hope I wear this outfit one day!

Not my dog, but it’s cute.  I hope its name isn’t Peggy, that’s not a very good name for a dog.

This is for sure not me as the troops would not want me to wear my pajamas for them.  Nice legs though.

No clue what is happening here.

This is not me, nor a relative of mine that I’m aware of but I do love how this picture was tweaked in Photoshop for some reason or another.  Maybe the picture is from a police line-up photo and the height lines were removed.  Wonder what her crime was?

This one disturbs me.  There’s the unibrow, the closed eyes and the possibility his nipples have been removed.

Okay, I’m quitting before I have bad dreams.  It was fun while it lasted.  I encourage you to Google yourself, it gave me a good laugh.