The Great Basement Flood of 2012

Wow, where do I start?  I guess at the beginning……

It was Tuesday night, I had company and it was raining.  We had dinner and went out to the country to visit friends and family.  We managed to sit at the bar through about an hour-long power outage and have a good time.  The trip home was iffy, 32 miles per hour in an outright downpour.  Talk about nerve-wracking.

I checked the basement when we got home, I had a bit of water coming in by a window so my dirty clothes were wet.  I threw those in the washer, hung out the wet rugs and talked to Idaho until I could switch the clothes over to the dryer.  Idaho was due in two days so I was hoping for the best.  I put my clothes in the dryer and we all went to bed.

My company was staying on my main floor and my bedroom is upstairs and above the other half of the duplex.  About 1:45 AM one of my guests woke me up to tell me there was a horrible noise coming from my basement and she couldn’t find the light switch.  Did I mention she scared the daylights out of me when she was calling my name from the end of my bed?

I got my butt out of bed, put something on and drug my ass down the stairs to hear this horrible noise.  While I was walking down the stairs I got a text from my neighbor that said “what the hell is that noise coming from your basement?”  As I got closer to my basement door I could hear the sound, well, I could hear the horrific piercing noise coming from below.  I opened the basement door, turned on the light and freaked out.

When I turned the light on all I could see was brown water about eighteen inches deep while covering my ears from the horrifying sound.  Well, three of us standing there in our sleeping duds, or lack there of, staring down the steps with our ears covered was quite the sight.  My neighbors then joined the fun to stare downstairs wondering what the noise was.  I had immediately ran down the stairs and barely touched the water, I use that term loosely, when I realized that was dumb as electrocution could happen easily.

My neighbor did finally venture in the cess pool and unplug all my appliances and the radio which was making the offensive sound.  The radio had been sitting on the ironing board which fell over, in turn it turned on the radio and cranked the volume up.   It was on a station that didn’t come in so the static was blaring.

It was all downhill after that.  We watched the water rise for about an hour.  I just have to mention at this point….seeing one of your best friend’s parents in their skivvies walking around the house should have been terribly disturbing but under the circumstances was rather comforting as I didn’t have to be by myself.   It’s funny looking back on it now, tightie whities and all!

We finally went to bed as there was nothing we could do about the rising brown disgusting water.   I made my home on the couch to listen to the bins splash in the water along with the shatters of mirrors, holiday decorations and glass nick nacks inside the bins.

By 7:00 AM I was sure there was nothing more that could happen that would surprise me and I was completely wiped out from worry and no sleep.  Well, not long after that we were all awake and a noise came from outside my front door that sounded like a freight train.  We opened the door just in time for the street in front of my house to turn into a raging river.  Water on both sides of the house was almost waist deep and flowing right into my front yard and out to the street.  I noticed a downspout traveling at the speed of light into the river and wasn’t about to go after it.

The raging river lasted for quite some time and it almost got my extra full propane tank but my landlord saved that from the clutches of the river.  Once the rain subsided we walked as far downstairs as we could to access the mayhem and had to chuckle as there were two snowmen that I hadn’t put away perched above the water as if they were watching over the situation.

About 5:00 PM the water had subsided from the basement and clean-up could begin.  As I started moving one thing at a time to bring upstairs I knocked over one of the snowmen and broke it.  It just seemed par for the course.  You can see the lone survivor snowman in the picture below, I will certainly cherish him.  I had help from friends that night to bring items outside to wait for a dumpster the next day.  The following morning more help arrived and we were able to empty out the basement which made my lawn look like a garage sale gone bad.

I was frantic because Idaho was arriving that night and I didn’t want to have to spend my days with him cleaning up a crappy (pun intended) mess.   It was an all day affair going through boxes and bins deciding what was salvageable and what wasn’t, finding out there wasn’t much we could salvage.

Around 8:00 PM I had to stop, go to the neighbors and shower….no hot water heater……and get ready to pick up Idaho from the shuttle.  I could hardly move and hardly keep my eyes open but I made it.  I’m sure he wanted to turn around and go home once he saw me and the remainder of the mess at my house but he was a trooper and we got it all taken care of.

Things are still a little chaotic but life is as back to normal as it’s going to get and Idaho has gone home.  I am so thankful he was here to help along with friends who pitched in, let me use their bathroom for a couple of weeks and company who has come and dealt with clutter and an odd basement smell (which is 100 times better now).  You always know who your friends are when you’re in a crisis.

One last note……I believe I found that The Critter was a mouse and it had used the paper towel to make its home inside a roller skate (I didn’t even know the roller skates were down there!!) inside a drawer.  I didn’t dare dig into the skate, nor did anyone else, but there was a patch of fur inside the drawer that I believe was the mouse that perished, no idea from what but it perished nonetheless.  No more critters as there’s no longer a place to hide in my basement because it’s empty!!


This Week’s Post

This week’s post has gone to the wayside….literally.  I have a story, it’s almost done, then another story happens which inhibits me from finishing the original story.

The second story happened last night and will continue for the next several days.  I will call it “The Great Basement Flood of 2012”. By the time I write that one there will be another one as Idaho arrives tomorrow night.  Yay!  So great that he will be here for the great flood clean-up, I bet he’s pumped about that.  I wonder if he’s tried to return the tickets yet?

I will be back at it next week for a real post but wanted to give you a head’s up.

A hint for what you can expect:

Yes, that’s water.  Yes, it’s brown (you don’t want to know).  Yes, the washing machine is floating.  No, the garbage can never actually fell over.

Have a good weekend!


I’m not one of those people who doesn’t like leftovers.  Leftovers are an integral part of my life…..especially since I live alone.  It’s very hard to cook an actual meal for one and only one, so I forever have leftovers in my fridge.

This week leftovers have taken a new turn for me and I hope it doesn’t affect my long term feelings about them.  Last weekend I was at the graduation of my best friend’s son.  They had tacos for the lunch which was a great idea……well…..until Thursday.  I was so excited to not have to cook when I got home on Sunday and I became lazy as the week went on and had tacos pretty much until lunch on Thursday.

Right after lunch on Thursday I sent a text to my friend to let her know that tacos were not going to be on my menu anytime soon.  I was fairly graphic in my text as to what my body was extracting and I also let her know that I’d started to randomly speak Spanish.   She found that funny.  I did as well but only hours later when the cleanse was over.

My other issue with leftovers this week is that I have a container of roast and potatoes in my fridge from……..maybe two weeks ago.  I have become terrified of that container.  I forgot to put it in my garbage on Monday night when the garbage goes to the alley for pick-up on Tuesday morning.

The roast and potatoes….I’m not even sure I can call it that anymore… in one of my favorite containers but I cannot bring myself to open the top and see what sort of creature has come to life in there or whether it has teeth or not so I’m going to have to throw the whole thing away.  If I empty the container and attempt to salvage it I’m afraid I will never be able to get the morphed roast and potatoes out of my head so I would never use it anyway.  Bye bye favorite container.

Idaho is coming next week so I have to throw it out before he gets here or he will wonder what kind of a kitchen keeper I am.  My luck that would be the first thing he opened up and he’d run screaming.

Things That Make Me Smile

A few things happened to me this week that really made me smile.  They didn’t outright make me die laughing but they really made me smile and made my day.

I went to Target tonight and when I walked in an older couple was walking out.  The man was parking the cart so I took it from him.  He said to me “she’s got low miles”.  I said thank you and smiled my whole trip to Target.  Even while I was spending $96 on things like toilet paper and laundry detergent.

A coworker and I tend to vent to each other now and then, the end of the week is especially bad because the problem children coworkers have worn on us all week.  Today she said to me “if my 87-year-old grandma can make it through 87 years, I can make it through today”.  I kept that in mind to get me through not only the work day but an unpleasant doctors appointment.

Yesterday I received a text that said “Remember Georgia, I’m the sweaty one today”.  A coworker of mine is at a client function and apparently she was a little warm.  Her and I traveled to Atlanta several years ago and I sweat my rear end off all day long wearing a black suit.  A little later yesterday afternoon I received another text from her that said “Now I’m the sweaty one with a hole in my nylons”.  I smiled for hours because for once it wasn’t happening to me.

Idaho sends me random texts sometimes.  Three that I received from him this week were “maybe I need a fedora”, “maybe you should buy a goat” and “going to a tattoo fest and bike show this afternoon, wish you were here, good people watching”.  His texts usually make me smile but those were especially good.  I still have no idea if he bought a fedora, maybe he will wear it when he comes to visit in a couple weeks.

A 3-year-old who talks like an adult over the weekend.  I could have listened to her all day, she was so cute and funny.  A few things that came out of her mouth were “actually Mom, I think you should go in and get it for me”, “how many pieces are in this puzzle” and “can I see the box with the picture on it so I know what we’re working with here”.  All I could do was smile and listen to her, most of the time her vocabulary was better than mine.

Next week I’m going to make it a priority to write down those things that make me smile so I don’t have to count on my memory to recall the moments.  Perhaps that will also make me concentrate on the good things, not the frustrating things.