1000 Awesome Things

If you haven’t checked out the blog 1000 Awesome Things, please do.  I admire his outlook on life, what a great way to get through every day…..pick out the awesome things!  Add humor and your days will be nothing short of spectacular.

I laughed hysterically when I saw #44 which is Your First Record, Tape or CD.  Mine was Poison, Look What The Cat Dragged In cassette tape.  I still remember what it looked like and how excited I was to get it home to play it in my Sony dual cassette and record player.  Oh yeah, I know, super high-class.

I still love that music and have been to see Brett Michaels 3 times.  Yes, I said 3 times.  Such a great place for people watching.

I better stop typing before I tell you something really embarrassing.



Products That Don’t Work

I just went down to put laundry in the dryer and immediately thought about this post when I opened the dryer door and spotted the dryer bar.  Have you ever purchased a product that promised to make your life easier but it didn’t?  Me too!! In fact, more times than I care to admit.

This dry bar is the current object of my non-affection.  This product states you can stick it on the inside of your dryer and you won’t have to use dryer sheets for three months.  Well, two loads of laundry in and I’m pulling out my bullshit card.  The first two loads came out of the dryer so full of static I almost started a fire.  Then what do you do? Carry around static guard and spray yourself all day?  I don’t think so Clark, that’s not an attractive smell.  I now have to put dryer sheets in with each load as well so it’s actually costing me more instead of saving me anything.

The worst part of this product is it came in a 3-pack.  Maybe I was supposed to stick all three of these bars in the dryer at one time, I still have my doubts whether they would work.  What in the sam-hell am I going to do with two more of these worthless things?  Perhaps I could put them out and the critter will eat them and electrocute itself.   Ohhh, that’s not a bad idea, although I haven’t heard hide nor hair from the critter since it ate my paper towels.  Perhaps I’ll put them out anyway, at least the basement might smell good.  Definitely not buying those again.

The Funk

Today was one of those days.  I bartended last night so didn’t go to sleep until 4:00 AM and was awake at 7:30 AM.  The only good thing about that is I didn’t wake up between 2:00 and 2:30 because I was already awake!!

I made a mistake today and did my taxes.  That is what made today one of those days.  I’m not a happy camper.  Enough about the IRS, it put me further in a funk.  I have to admit, I’ve been in a funk for a couple of weeks, you know, something just isn’t right.

I have standbys of what gets me out of a funk.  Those things I go to in order to get me into a different state of mind.  Some of them work short term and some of them work permanently.  My first standby is people.  A chat with Idaho, a text to a good friend, a chat with my sister, a trip to the grocery store and in desperate times, a trip to Wal-Mart.  It always helps when I can get a quick-fix ego boost because I could be one of ‘those people’.

Well, those things have helped but something has lingered.  I feel good while all those things are going on but then slowly slip back into oblivion.  This evening I decided to catch up on some emails I haven’t read, you know, forwards from people that sometimes you don’t look at or sometimes you save them until later.  I went through 20 or so today and ran into one with pictures of animals.

I do like animals, I do not own any.  There are days I can hardly take care of myself let alone keeping something else alive so I just enjoy looking at other people’s animals.  I found some great ones in an email today that I believe pushed me over the edge to get me out of my funk.  I have no idea who to give credit to for all but one of these photos as the email had been forwarded more than several times.

This is how I felt at 7:30 AM this morning, I would dare to bet I looked something like this as well, minus the broccoli.

I love the look on the face of the one that isn’t shoving fruit into his mouth.  It also looks like these are Siamese Twins and obviously the little one has lost the fight for most of the food.

Who put this dog in this swing?  I have felt like this many times.

This was me when I had my cold.

This is my friend’s dog.  There’s a couple things here.  I don’t know that the Twins jersey quite fits him and I don’t think he’s happy to have it on.  This is one of my go-to photos to make me giggle.

After my standbys, checking emails and sharing photos with all of you, I think my funk is pretty much out the window.

Hair Cuts

I want to preface this post by saying I love the girl who cuts my hair and I think she works her tail off.  Those people stand on their feet all day and listen to people complain, gossip, brag and yell at their kids who are waiting or them.

With that being said, why are haircuts such a pain in the butt?  I am currently in desperate need of a haircut, so desperate in fact I wore my hair in a pony tail to pool on Thursday.  I use the term pony tail very loosely as you can see.

It looks like 10 pieces of straw in the binder but I just couldn’t help it.  One teammate took the picture to send it to our hairdresser.  The text said “911 we have an emergency”.  I believe the response was “O M G”.

I happened to see my hairdresser last night and she said “I got the picture of your pony tail”.  She said it with that look of “what the hell were you thinking?”  And then said “it’s getting nice and long, it just needs some shaping”.  Shaping?  Shaping?  I could use a #2 attachment on a razor right now and it would make me feel much better.  We laughed about it and decided I need to make an appointment.

It’s a habit for me to completely put off scheduling a hair cut, you would think I was having teeth pulled or something.  Then suddenly I can’t stand it anymore and think that she should be able to get me in at the last minute and I know that cannot happen.  I shouldn’t do that as there have been times I have then walked in to someone else which rarely turns out well.

One of our friends received a haircut from a random last week and ended up with quite the cut.  May have been her first day.  I’ll let you judge.

I’m wondering if one of her legs was severely shorter than the other if she thought that was straight.  The best part of this story is he went back to the same person to have it fixed.  Haha.  That kills me.  I believe everyone deserves a second chance but he didn’t have much hair to spare on a second chance here.  He was a great sport about it and we all had a great laugh.  It was the same night I was wearing my ‘pony tail’ so we had a lot to laugh about.